The AVBOB Poetry Competition | A Touching Eulogy: Poems Truly Capture the Essence of Emotion

A Touching Eulogy: Poems Truly Capture the Essence of Emotion

How does one fathom, let alone process, the loss of someone close to you? How does one deal with the overwhelming feeling of pain deep within one’s soul and the emptiness that is left behind – the longing that lingers in every moment and around every corner? How does one deal with an emotion when one does not even have the words to describe it? And, above all, how does one still pay respect to the life and joy of the person who passed away when one is so overwhelmed with grief? Elegiac poems could be the perfect medium through which to process and express these emotions at a time when one feels at a loss for words.

In essence, humans created language as a way to express what we experience. Literature was born from this and provides a way to capture emotions in a descriptive and heartfelt way. Taking it further, poetry is a concentrated form of language or storytelling, capturing the very essence of what we want to say, yet still allowing us the freedom to let our words – and feelings – soar. This is what makes eulogy poems so felicitous to the circumstances surrounding grief, as well as paying respects at a funeral.

As the American literary theorist Kenneth Burke says, “stories are equipment for living”. And, according to Professor Carol S. Pearson and psychologist Hugh K. Marr, the process of identifying the “story” we are living – in other words being able to identify and describe what we are going through – enhances the quality of our lives. Considering the turmoil one goes through during the grieving process surrounding a death and funeral, it thus makes sense that writing eulogy poems will help one to come to terms with one’s feelings, at least partially.

Eulogy poems are also a good way to celebrate the life of the one who passed away. It is a crafted and considered piece of writing that can be used to highlight the fond memories, the best attributes, and the love felt for that special person. It helps the writer to capture all of these thoughts and emotions, while also staying on track, instead of drifting off-topic as memories and feelings come flooding back. At the same time, it brings those who are left behind together in a shared and special moment, as they all celebrate the memory of their loved one.

If you have written any elegiac poetry and would like to share it with others in the hope that it could provide a beacon of light for someone else going through the same challenges, why not enter it into the AVBOB Poetry Competition? The AVBOB Poetry Project encourages people to create and share their work as a way of healing, sharing, and showing solidarity with one another. While our experiences are unique to each of us, we are all human, we are never alone. Consider entering your funeral or elegiac poems by the end of November 2019.