The AVBOB Poetry Competition | How to Enter

How to enter

This is how to enter for the AVBOB Poetry Competition:

Fill your paper with the rhythms of your heart...

Then follow these four easy steps:

  1. Register your profile
Simply click on Register and follow the prompts to register your profile online.
  1. Get to know the legal jargon
Be sure to familiarise yourself fully with all the nitty gritty in the Legal documents section on this website so that you're ready to accept the terms and conditions of the Competition rules when you submit your poem.
  1. Check the editorial guidelines
Read the Editorial guidelines and evaluation criteria carefully so that you can align your
poem accordingly.
  1. Write and submit your poem
Craft your poem and submit your entry online. During the online submission process, you will automatically be prompted to insert the relevant personal details, select your language and choose the category for entry.

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Poem title: Hamba
Uphumule ngokuthula kwabathule, Uphumule kumunyu nosizi lwemihla, Uphumul' ezinhlungwin' ezingaphezi, Uphumul' ezinhluphekweni zalomhlaba, Lal' uphumu...

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Besiphila ngayo le nyanga Ibiselapha namhlanje kayisekho Besitotobela khona njalo sigula, Nxa sifikelwa ukugula siye kuyo. Namhlanj' isiyendele koyise...

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