Editor - Dr Katjie Sponono Mahlangu

Dr Katjie Sponono Mahlangu

isiNdebele Editor

Dr Katjie Sponono Mahlangu holds a B.A degree with UNISA, and B.A(Hons), M.A. and D.Litt. degrees with the University of Pretoria. She is the Executive Director for the isiNdebele Dictionary Unit of the PanSALB, and teaches the following modules at the University of Pretoria for both undergraduate and postgraduate students: Translation, Semantics, Dialectology, Lexicography and Editing,. Dr Mahlangu’s M.A. dissertation’s research topic is ‘Adoption of loan words in isiNdebele’, and her D.Litt. thesis is ‘The growth and Development of isiNdebele Orthography and Spelling (1921-2010)’. She describes herself as a researcher, educator, part-time lecturer, translator, interpreter, author and editor in isiNdebele.