The AVBOB Poetry Competition | Bring Hope and Gain Understanding of Loss through Bereavement Poetry

Bring Hope and Gain Understanding of Loss through Bereavement Poetry

What is poetry, other than a way to give expression to emotions, feelings, longings, pain, and thoughts? It is an art form that has helped to inspire, provoke conversation, bring memories to mind, and give words an almost musical power. It is the art of expressing without giving away. It is private, yet public, and it says it all without requiring a thousand pages to do so.

Poetry is in everyone’s hearts. For some, words dancing on paper are as natural and easy flowing as the wind in August. For others, finding the words to express feelings in an elegant manner is a daunting task. Yet, they appreciate the poetry of others. They find healing, love, joy, understanding, and companionship in the words so eloquently expressed by the poets.

Poetry has been likened to symphonic compositions, and rightfully so. How else can you explain the transformation that words on paper can bring? How else can you explain the wonder and awe that letters in verse give birth to? How else is it possible to explain how such words can quiet deep cries of sorrow?

During times of loss, feelings of despair often surface. Such feelings are born out of the uncertainty of where to go, what to do, and how to resolve unsolved issues. Many questions follow and many more memories flood the space between rational thought and the emotions of the heart. Yet, the words that eventually come forth on paper are those that have survived the onslaught of pain. Those words have healing power for both the poet and reader.

Those who read are comforted by the universal language of love and sorrow expressed through poetry. The words help relieve the grief and, in a way, give small answers. The words in poetry form are like small rays of sunshine that break through the clouds of pain to bring hope and highlight the beauty of the ones that have moved on from this life. Every word engraved on paper is a tribute to the one who has passed away.

It takes moments of immense joy, superior clarity, or excruciating loss and pain to bring forth words of wisdom, understanding, and all-encompassing love from the heart. Those words find form through poetry and verse. On a daily basis, we meet people who have experienced the above, and it never becomes easier. Indeed, we see the pain in every tear and in every hanging shoulder. Bringing healing through words is almost an impossible feat, yet poets have done this through the ages by bringing some kind of comfort and understanding through poems.

Our poetry project is about giving a platform for those of you who have found the balance between the order of words, meaning, rhyme, or the lack thereof, and the language of your heart. It is a platform where you can express your loss or understanding of such. It is also a vehicle for giving lasting memory to your loved ones who have passed away.