The AVBOB Poetry Competition | Captivate the One You Adore with Our Guide to Writing Love Poems

Captivate the One You Adore with Our Guide to Writing Love Poems

Most people have at least seen the red and pink cards that inundate stores during the weeks prior to Valentine’s Day. Usually, it’s a fun tradition to hand these mawkish tokens of appreciation out to lovers, friends, and family alike. Making someone’s day with a generic little card is perfectly fine – but sometimes the heart has something deeper to say. It does not even have to be something as dramatic as reciting Shakespeare beneath your belle or beau’s open window, either. Simple, heartfelt poetry is often enough to get the point across. To get started on showing your beloved how much they mean to you, have a look at our guide to writing love poems.

Ease Up on the Cloying

Writing from the heart means saying something authentic. There are plenty of ways to do this but laying those saccharine feelings on too thickly can come across as disingenuous. While you may sincerely be experiencing profound emotions, your reader might prefer poems on the more straightforward, honest side. Love poems that stick to a simple message and theme often say far more than a torrent of intense adjectives. The balance is displaying your passion in an undemanding, effortless writing style.

Avoid Platitudes and Clichés Where Possible

While oft-used sayings like, “love conquers all”, or, “follow your heart” have some truth to them, they can be construed as empty and vague in poetry. Love poems make the most significant impact when it is evident that they have been thoughtfully constructed; that attention has been given to every jot and tittle. Romantic poetry, in particular, claims its appeal in the fact that it is so personal and written for one person only. An original piece free from trite phrases always makes for better writing and more enjoyable reading.

Keep the Reader in Mind

Who will be reading these declarations of fondness? Will it be a friend? A family member? Or perhaps your reader is the delightful soul upon whom you wish to lavish your affection. Regardless, every audience has a draw, and it is your job as an artist to figure out what your reader’s draw is. A mother, for example, would appreciate a poem thanking her for all she does. A romantic interest, on the other hand, may enjoy hearing all the things you like about them. Writing love poems means taking the time to get to know the one you cherish.

Research Similar Poetry

The Internet is filled with interesting poetry on intimacy, infatuation, friendship, and desire – some brilliant and some cheesy. Doing a little homework and finding some inspiration from other artists will give you a great point of reference when it comes to assessing the quality of your own work. While it is always best to be original and develop your voice, diving into another’s poetry might help to refine your work.

Here at The AVBOB Poetry Project, we have poems on love aplenty. In fact, we probably have a piece relevant to every human experience – from endearment to grief. To view our collection of poetry, have a look here.