The AVBOB Poetry Competition | 4 Themes to Help You Inspire Your Audience Through Hope Poems

4 Themes to Help You Inspire Your Audience Through Hope Poems

We see it in impoverished communities, where those who have very little still help their neighbour. We see it in movies, where the resolution to pursue love never falters. We see it in expectant mothers, scientists chasing the cure, and the student who works hard for their future. And what is this ever-present dove perching on the shoulders of life’s heaviest trials – this traveller who is always a companion as long as they are invited? Hope. Inspiring hopefulness in others is possibly one of the greatest callings of humanity, giving a fellow human a taste and anticipation for a better tomorrow. For artists, this commission is of the highest honours – nothing is more meaningful than setting hope alight in the heart of another.

Hope poems are of particular importance. Everyone needs faith in a positive future and everyone carries a trail of days so dark they need to keep pushing forward. As a poet, you have the marvellous ability to set hope in motion through your words, reaching deep into that section of the human spirit that never gives in. Are you ready to empower the world? Here are four themes to give your poems direction that will inspirit your audience.

Theme 1: Gratitude

Standing at the foot of the mountain and looking up, it becomes apparent how high you have to climb. People know this. They know their bills must be paid, their work deadlines are due, or that their health is failing. In these moments, however, it becomes difficult to count those small blessings we often overlook. Hope poems based on gratitude will enable your audience to take a closer look at things for which they can still be thankful, regardless of how small or simple.

Theme 2: The Silver Lining

What a cliché, right? The principle has merit to it, though. No matter how painful the ache or how shaky the ground, there is always some good that will flow from the situation. Sometimes the bad outweighs the good so emphatically that it is impossible to play the optimist. Your poetry, however, will outline the need to always keep in mind that – at the very least – we will come out stronger in the end.

Theme 3: Inherent Strength

Every individual has far more strength than they will ever know. In each of us lies the potential to craft a fantastically meaningful life, and there is limitless opportunity for growth. Our drive for survival and enhancement is rooted in our DNA and we bloom in the toughest of terrains. As a writer, your poems can spark the realisation that the ability to overcome was buried inside the human heart all along.

Theme 4: Everyone Deals with Hopelessness

Ever sink your teeth into a piece of poetry that spoke directly to your experience? Such poems hit us where we need them most, letting us know we are not, and never have been, alone in our hopelessness. If you have struggled through life’s mire, you are equipped to allow others to share in this journey. Who knows? You may even save a life.

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