The AVBOB Poetry Competition | How Expression through Bereavement Poems Brings Healing

How Expression through Bereavement Poems Brings Healing

The loss of a loved one brings about questions and fears about the future. Bereavement poems are often expressions of those uncertainties and the unanswered questions of the heart.

Although we might have a lifetime to say what we feel and that we care about people, it is often only once we experience the tremendous and deep sorrow of losing a loved one that we truly wish we had more time to spend with them, time to tell them what we failed to tell them.

Bereavement poems are the expressions of words unsaid. Poems have the uncanny ability to connect to the rhythm of life, and through emotions call up memories of a loved one. Poems are not merely about formal aspects like rhyme, rhythm and form, but also about content like emotions, fears, longings, and deep thoughts.

Poetry is a much more universal impulse than one would imagine. A poem communicates sometimes through artifice and sometimes through simplicity. It is poetry’s honest appeal to the emotions that makes it so effective in connecting with those in grief. Well-crafted bereavement poems inspire, heals, and honours those who have passed away.

It is as if one has the opportunity, through words, to transcend the space between life and death. This is what the AVBOB poetry project aims to do, to comfort and bring closure. It is a platform where you and many others can experience words giving a voice to your feelings, helping you to remember loved ones, and to make sense of loss, to heal, and help others to heal.

Words dipped in the ink of loss can touch hearts and remind us what it is to feel hope and to be alive. True, sometimes we are at a loss for words because of deep-seated pain, but through bereavement poems, we can find ways to express what we have lost. While we pay homage to our loved ones our words can help others to work through their loss by identifying with ours. Reading such poems helps others to heal and better understand mortality.

We invite you to join others in writing bereavement poems from the heart. You do not have to be an award-winning poet or a student of literature. Indeed, you can write in your mother tongue, giving you an opportunity to connect with others through songs of the heart expressed in meaningful poetry.

Articulate the emotions of your heart and share your loss and help others to understand their loss through poetry. Whether you want to give wings to your love for a lost family member, or need to explore the meaning of grief, death, or life, use the AVBOB poetry project to share, touch, and inspire.

Let us say what we have not had the time to say. Let us express our love, appreciation, loss, and hope in a way that brings us healing. Join the AVBOB Poetry project to make your voice heard, whether it is in celebration of your loved one’s life or a song of grief and consolation. Heal and be restored, remember and be reminisced, and uplift and be inspired through bereavement poems.