The AVBOB Poetry Competition | How Inspirational Poems Help Us Cope with Loss

How Inspirational Poems Help Us Cope with Loss

Some are poets at heart and find it easy to write inspirational poems, whilst others enjoy the reading of poetry. Yet, many more find hope in poetry and verse addressing the very same issues of hurt and grief that they experience. Inspirational poems are dialogues about life, hope, love, death, and dealing with loss. As such, the poems touch people in a manner not easily equalled by other forms of artistic expression.

How You Can Heal Through Soft and Thoughtful Words

Poetry gives you the power to heal through words that come from the heart. To inspire, you must be inspired, and to heal, you must understand being broken. However, during this process, you can already inspire and uplift because you are dealing with loss, grief, the sickbed of a loved one, the fear of death, and the question of “what next” in a manner that resonates with your heart.

This is what inspirational poetry is about. You bring hope, joy, and love wrapped in the gift of a poem. Inspirational poems are appreciated by those who mourn and those who are at a loss for words to express their love and appreciation.

Whether you have experienced the sudden loss of a loved one or have spent days, weeks, or months at the side of your loved one’s sickbed, death brings immense pain and feelings of loss. An elegy is an attempt to bring back part of what a person was before they departed this life. It is also an attempt to give a lasting memory of the person. When it comes to days, weeks, and months after the death, it is often the inspirational poems of others that enables you to deal with the flood of emotions, which you have kept deep in your heart. And, it is during this time that you heal and become the healing inspiration for others through your inspirational poems.

If you are adept with words arranged in line to bring back the rhythm of life through inspirational poems, you are invited to join our poetry project to bring comfort, understanding, and healing to people in the midst of dealing with the anguish of loss. By sharing your inspirational poems, you sow the seeds of comfort and help to dry up the tears of mothers and fathers who have lost their children and siblings who have to live on without their parents. You get to lighten the burden of dealing with grief and thus give back to society.

Be Inspired and Gain Healing Through Inspirational Poems

If you are in the midst of loss, and need comfort and uplifting, you will appreciate the inspirational poems written by people who care and have a deep understanding of what you are experiencing. Our platform for inspirational poems is our humble attempt to bring healing to the nation and the individual. Keep an eye out for new inspirational poems and allow your senses the joy of hearing and reading words of wisdom.