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How to Write Inspirational Poems that Will Uplift the World

The German philosopher, Johann Georg Hamann, once remarked, “Poetry is the mother tongue of the human race…”. This statement rings true, especially when one begins to realise that poetry is everywhere, surrounding us at all times. It is in those maudlin love songs on the radio, the nursery rhymes we recite to our children – even the birthday cards we receive each year. It certainly is a universal language and with this language comes the power to change the world for the better. If you have begun your journey as a poet, then you may find delight in the beauty of inspirational poems.

What Are Inspirational Poems?

While the point of poetry is to evoke a keen sense of feeling – whether sadness, happiness, and every emotion in between – there are certain poems that just seem to empower us greatly. Inspirational poetry focuses on encouraging us to take a stand, helping us accept ourselves and others, and motivating us to make the world a better place. A truly inspiring piece will rouse us to move beyond ourselves and explore actions not yet taken, bolstering us with courage. The gifted voices behind such poetry tap into their inner strength and light the fires of those around them.

Start from What You Know

We have all walked different roads but poetry offers a point at which to connect. In your own life, you have been through both good and bad. The growth you have experienced during these times is what you can use to inspire others. Dealing with and overcoming oppression, mental or physical illness, abusive relationships, and loss of a loved one are all experiences worth writing about and sharing with others.

Discover the Work of Other Poets

Libraries, bookstores, and online resources help you explore pieces from poets across the globe. You will also come to realise that, even though each poet comes from a very different era, culture, race, and language, there is something universally binding in their words. The most celebrated poets, of course, are remembered for how they made their audience feel, so be sure to take notes on how these prolific writers used the power of language to inspire people.

Choose A Cause Close to Your Heart

Perhaps you have lost someone dear to a disease. Maybe you face mental-health issues daily. Or it might be that you want to fight for the rights of oppressed minorities within society. This is all possible through poetry. Through your pen, you can breathe life back into a world slowly losing hope. You can speak to the downtrodden, the bullied, the lonely. You have the power to create positive change where there was none.

Share it Everywhere You Can

In a world riddled with darkness, inspirational poems are meant to be shared far and wide. Find a platform to express yourself, such as social media or a blog, and make your voice heard. Ask for feedback, listen to your audience’s response, and keep pushing yourself to be a better writer every day.

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