The AVBOB Poetry Competition | In Loving Memory: Poems as a Way to Talk to Your Loved Ones

In Loving Memory: Poems as a Way to Talk to Your Loved Ones

Whether sudden or not, there is no proper way to prepare for suffering the loss of someone dear to you. It leaves a hole, an emptiness that we often struggle to comprehend, to accept, or to fill. And, this emptiness can be overwhelming at times. How do you face it? What do you do with it? How do you get to the other side of grief while still keeping your loved one in your memory? Poems offer an interesting pathway to dealing with this loss.

Because of the very nature of poetry, this is the perfect medium for writing in memory of someone who passed on. Poems are intrinsically linked to emotions. Just think of all the great sonnets about love, the heart-wrenching laments of bereavement, and the joyful odes to hope and new beginnings – these are more than mere words; the lines and stanzas sing with rhyme and rhythm, adding to the ebb and flow of thoughts and emotions, expressing what words alone cannot. The poetry is alive, and rather than a story or fable, it becomes an extension of the writer.

There should be no limitations when sharing your innermost thoughts, recalling memories of a loved one. Poems can be what you want them to be. Sure, poetry definitely has rules, structures, and formats, but forget about that for now. When you are writing from your heart, let it flow and say what you want to say, the way you want to say it.

But, what do you actually write? How do you put into words your feelings about someone who meant so much to you? This is very personal and completely up to you. If you want to attempt this, but you feel at a loss for words when staring at your page, think about the person. Recall all the great memories you have of them – the significant ones, as well as the small things that remind you of them. Think of things you may not have said to them and tell them now in the poem. Write a eulogy where you pay tribute to them. Find your inspiration in the feeling you get when you remember them.

Poems written in loving memory of those who have passed on can provide comfort to many others who are left behind. Many find solace in reading the works of others, knowing that they are not alone. Recognising what they are feeling in the words of others. Finding the right words to use to pay tribute to their loved ones, penned by someone else who picked the perfect words to describe what they are feeling.

Browse through our collection of heartfelt tributes written in memory of those who have moved on. Find poems to touch your soul and provide your heart with peace, or be inspired by what you read to create your own poems in loving memory of someone you knew, and add it to the collection to perhaps help someone else deal with their loss. This is the beauty of poetry.