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Interested in Writing Poetry? Here Are 8 Phenomenal Reasons to Start

So, you have seen The AVBOB Poetry Project and always had a hankering to give it a try. Practised or not, you are an artist at heart. Something inside you wants out and you are looking for a reason to attempt it. The wonderful thing about poetry writing is that anyone can do it, any time, anywhere, without spending a dime. Here are eight fantastic reasons to pick up that pen and paper and show yourself you can do it:

  1. Connect with your identity. Life’s daily stresses and struggles leave us living from paycheque to paycheque. We live for our career, our family, our adopted cause. When, if ever, do we get to live for ourselves? No matter how old you are, it is possible to rediscover yourself. Writing poetry is the perfect opportunity to experiment with your personal sense of style and flair, finding that special ingredient that makes you who you are.

  2. Healing from pain. If you have been through something traumatic, such as the loss of a loved one, recovery from the devastation can be trying. Writing, though, is an effective form of therapy that brings to the surface those emotions we suppress. Poetry is sacred in its ability to get us talking about our pain.

  3. Release your stress. Like exercising or enjoying a relaxing bubble bath, writing poetry is a marvellous outlet. It acts as a pressure-relief valve into which we can pour those overflowing frustrations and tensions. Poetry is a way to channel the strain of modern living into a masterpiece.

  4. Improve your writing. The best way to become a better writer is to, well, write. Because poems utilise a lot of imagery, metaphors, and abstract concepts, it forces us to find more creative ways of employing language. Playing with words in this way will rejuvenate your writing style and give you a better vocabulary.

  5. Boost your creativity. Creativity is your inner genius at play. You brainstorm the concept, you come up with the words, you invent the rhyme scheme, and you pioneer a piece never before seen. This kind of initiative is sure to boost your imagination.

  6. Utilise it in your activism. If it is your goal to champion a cause, poetry will undoubtedly help you do it. The right platform will allow you to act as a voice for the voiceless, bring awareness to a subject, and encourage society to rethink their views on the subject.

  7. Embrace a new perspective. A new poem is like play dough. You handle it, get a feel for it, and look at it from all angles before you manipulate it into its final form. The same goes for writing on a certain subject, which takes a bit of introspection and toying with various perspectives.

  8. Uplift your audience. Whether you are seeking to inspire hope, empower someone, or celebrate something special, poetry is the perfect avenue. Not only is it a thoughtful gift for someone you love, but it could change the life of a stranger too.

Need more encouragement? Have a look at our collection of poems here and see for yourself why this medium is so valuable.