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Special Occasion or Not, Love Poems Are Always a Fantastic Idea

All you need is love, or so sang The Beatles in their classic hit of the same name. While love might not literally make the world go round, it is certainly a sentiment that many enamoured hearts have fought and died for. It’s a theme we see everywhere, from songs and movies to the embellished poems drafted by William Shakespeare himself. We know it is a powerful force, but expressing it is not always easy. Love poems are a thoughtful and warm way of letting someone special know how much they mean to you. Not sure if it’s the right occasion? The thrilling part about love is that there is never a wrong time to show someone you care.

Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Maybe you think of falling in love as a rush of hormones like oxytocin and dopamine. Or perhaps you believe, as the ancient Greeks did, that soulmates are merely one being, split apart by Zeus and eternally searching for their other half. No matter your ideas about it, the feeling of infatuation can be intense. Poetry is an expressive way to sum up these emotions and communicate them to someone with whom you share an attraction.

Showing Gratitude

Some people live their lives carrying kindness and generosity within their hearts. Such individuals are often unappreciated and unseen, as good people often are. If there is someone in your life that you feel thankful for, then you can show this gratitude through a simple poem that shares your love and acknowledgement.

Valentine’s Day or Anniversaries

Some days are dedicated to celebrating love, both new and old. While gifts like flowers, chocolates, and jewellery are often appreciated, nothing comes from the heart quite as sincerely as poems do. Even if you have already splurged on a gift, you can make it extra special with some hand-written poetry.

Wedding Vows and Promises

Whether you want your wedding vows to express how you feel about your partner, how you see the relationship flourishing, or a promise of how you navigate the world together, poetry can be incorporated into the piece. Snatch a verse or two from one of your favourite poems or write your own – what matters is that it reflects your commitment to your spouse.

Celebrating a Birth (Or Birthday)

New life is always a wondrous occasion filled with delight. If a family member or friend has welcomed a new baby into their home, then a small gift and a short poem will only add to their joy. Birthdays are also great events for love poems because it’s an opportunity to tell someone how grateful you are for their unconditional love and support.

A Lunch Box Surprise

While special days and events give us an excuse to say, “I love you”, those every day, cheerful reminders are sometimes even more valuable. Place those sweet little notes and poems in your child’s lunchbox, on your spouse’s bedside table, or somewhere your loved one will spot them throughout the day.

When You Miss Someone

Whether your beloved is on the other side of the world, or if your child is off to university, missing someone creates feelings of loss and longing. One thoughtful way to tell them they are in your thoughts is to send them a message with one or two poems that make you think of them.

A Tonic While Unwell

Getting ill can cause everything from a minor inconvenience to life-altering trauma. If someone you adore is ill, swap out that generic “Get Well Soon” card for a personal piece of poetry that affirms and comforts them. Sometimes, the best poems are the simple ones that demonstrate much-needed affection and TLC.

A Last “I Love You”

When someone close to us dies, the rolling waves of grief crash into us with full force and no end in sight. Mourning is different for everyone, but for some, the written word is a cathartic outlet for those emotions. If you never got the chance to tell someone your feelings for them before they passed, writing a goodbye poem to bid a loving farewell may help.

Our library collection features love poems in all 11 official languages. These poems are a powerful testament to what love means to people, and how it empowers and unites us, no matter our differences.