The AVBOB Poetry Competition | The Undeniable Perks of Entering Writing Competitions

The Undeniable Perks of Entering Writing Competitions

Writing competitions are a fantastic way for both novice and seasoned writers to craft their art and tailor their skills. Luckily, there are many writing competitions around the globe, from prestigious awards with impressive cash prizes to local contests that seek to find emerging voices and help them develop their writing skills. While entering writing competitions might feel a little nerve-racking to those who do not have much experience, there are many benefits to be found when you decide to take the plunge.

Here we explore some of the advantages of entering literary contests. Whatever genre you are writing, be it poetry and fiction or essays and long-form journalism, these contests have an array of excellent benefits.

  • They Give You A Tangible Deadline: One of the greatest gifts of writing competitions is the concrete deadline that they offer writers. Many of us have a story to tell, but few of us get it onto the page without a bit of a push. Having a set date holds writers accountable and motivates them to finish their written pieces and submit their work. Clearly defined goals with very specific time frames are incredibly valuable for anyone in a creative industry. They can inspire individuals to put in the work and can aid them in accomplishing their literary dreams.

  • They Develop Your Skills: Every time you write, you develop your literary skills. As the famous adage goes, “practice makes perfect.” The more you write, the more you learn and grow as a writer. Writing competitions thus offer writers invaluable opportunities, such as honing their skills, developing ideas, bringing stories to life on paper, polishing their prose, and self-editing their work. All of these skills are of great importance to anyone who wishes to embark on a writing career, and entering a literary contest can help to accelerate the process.

  • They Position You in The Industry: Another undeniable perk of entering writing competitions is that they can put you on the map in the literary world. Showcasing your work allows you to network with key players in the industry and introduces you to a whole new world of writers. Connecting with other writers is paramount to developing your art. This creates an element of comradery and might even introduce you to people who want to read your work and share feedback. Added to this, you can also mention your entry in various letters and applications. This shows your commitment and enthusiasm when it comes to all things pertaining to literature

  • You Receive Invaluable Feedback: Perhaps the most significant advantage of entering a literary competition is the valuable feedback that you will receive from seasoned writers and those with a wealth of experience to their name. This will push you as a writer and challenge you to be even better. There is no denying that sometimes feedback can be hard to read, and sometimes, it might even feel personal, but if you can push through the discomfort and tackle reviews with poise and a can-do attitude, you will undoubtedly hone your craft and become a far better writer.

  • You Build Your Portfolio: Whatever the outcome of the competitions you enter, they encourage you to create a vast and varied portfolio. If you enter an array of competitions, they will also help you to develop your writing abilities in a range of genres. These might include short stories, literary non-fiction, poetry, scriptwriting, essays, and more. With an extensive portfolio at your disposal, you will be more equipped to apply for writing jobs and enter other contests. In addition to these benefits, following prompts is also a fantastic way to expand your work and grapple with new ideas and themes.
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