The AVBOB Poetry Competition | Where to Find and Submit Poems About Hope in South Africa

Where to Find and Submit Poems About Hope in South Africa

Is it even possible to write poems about hope when people are grieving? Is it important to have poems of hope and can such poetry console those that are mourning? If not, what then is the role of poetry (other than giving expression to feelings of the heart)? Indeed, if poetry cannot speak of loss and provide hope, then it fails.

A mother loses her child in an accident at school. How does she deal with the anguish and pain? How does the public mourn the loss of young children who have died in tragedies? They remember through poems about hope. This is what our platform is about. It is a stage for poems about loss, but also about hope.

Such poems comfort the grieving and provide understanding. Torn hearts are mended and bound by deep sorrow through inspirational words. Hearts find hope for the future. In a country where so many people die tragically in vehicle accidents and violent crimes, society needs hope. Every person left behind needs hope. Without it, there is no reason to get up and face another day.

With every competition that we host, new poems are submitted. You can find inspiration and hope in our Poem Library where the poems can be filtered according to the theme, such as death, hope, birth, and love. If you need inspiration, read the poems. If you want to share and give others hope, submit your work for the next competition. Either way, you become part of this community that shares, gives, and hopes.

You can also filter the results according to language. Yes, we are a rainbow nation and have diverse languages. On this poetry platform, we celebrate all the cultures and languages. As such, you can read and submit poems in your home language. This entire process makes poetry more accessible to South Africans. It becomes a central platform where people share and receive hope, comfort, and understanding.

Apart from the Poem Library, we also provide guidelines for writing and submitting poems to the platform. In addition, participants have the opportunity to win and have their works published in a special publication. Join our community of poets in South Africa. Submit your poems about hope or read and be inspired and comforted by the poems submitted by poets just like you.